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At Pave-Al Limited, the health and safety of our workers and the environment is an integral aspect of our construction process and everyday lives. In order to prevent workplace accidents and maintain safe and healthy working conditions in
all of our workplaces, we:

          Promote and continually improve health and safety awareness, training
          and education.
          Work closely with health and safety professionals in the prevention of 
​          accidents.
          Encourage a pro-active approach to all health and safety issues.
          Monitor the workplace conditions and implement corrective measures  
          where required.
          Provide assistance to our Joint Health and Safety Committees.
          Consider legislative health and safety requirements as the minimum.
          Require that supervisors and subcontractors commit themselves to the
          Evaluate employees and subcontractor safety performance.​

Performing our everyday tasks safely and ensuring that our actions do not result in accidents or unsafe conditions requires knowledge of potential hazards, pre-planning, thought and individual responsibility.